Shabby Apple x Ashley Nicole

I recently had the privilege of being contacted by Shabby Apple, an incredible online vintage boutique. I was extremely grateful, and ecstatic that they wanted to do a tulle skirt collaboration with me, because, lets be honest, who doesn't want a full length tulle skirt in their wardrobe?! This skirt was one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I've ever had a chance to work with. Not to mention Ashley. She is an incredibly talented photographer, model and musician. I'm not sure if theres anything this girl can't do. You can check out some of her photography here. If you are a photographer, model, or just someone who appreciates vintage style clothing I highly recommend you check Shabby Apple out!

You can view the full shoot here

Amberlee Namini

I recently met up with Amberlee Namini, a fellow photographer, and did a quick shoot with her and her adorable little girl, Marimea. They were both such sweethearts and by the end of the day I didn't want to part ways from them and this sweet little patch of flowers we found, but i'm sure there will be plenty more times I will be seeing these two in the future! :)

You can view the full shoot here !