One Year Anniversary / Philadelphia, PA.

So Dave surprised me with a one year anniversary trip to Philly! :) The strangest thing happened to us when we stopped to get dinner between taking photos. Dave had just recently left a company where he was being subcontracted to DJ weddings. Naturally, Dave was feeling a little frightened and weird about quitting because unlike me, who had a second job, he did not. I tried telling him over and over again that he would be alright and it was for the better that he just focused on himself and booking his own events, instead of being subcontracted by someone who barely paid him and didn't value him or his efforts. However, that didn't really make him feel any better about the situation. So were out to dinner and this Spanish man who was the bus boy walks up to our table and started conversation. He kept walking away from our table with dishes and only coming back to our table to talk to us. It felt like out of all of the people that were in the restaurant the only bus boy on that night kept coming up to only us. He was literally the happiest person either of us have come in contact with in a long time. He was the type of person who's smile was infectious and talking to him for 3 minutes literally brighten Daves day instantly. We chatted for a while as he asked us what we both do for a living and we told him how Dave had just quit his job and was now fully self employed. Without even telling him that Dave felt nervous about the situation he immediately started telling him how he would be extremely successful and how he could tell both of us were full of life and creativity and not to worry because he knew we would both go a long way. Now that doesn't sound that weird, but Daves horoscope that morning said he would meet someone that he would look up to and want to strive to be like some day. Dave figured it might be a DJ or musician of some sort because after dinner we were going to the Sound Garden to see Dash Berlin. But as soon as we talked to this bus boy, we immediately knew that he was who the horoscope was talking about. He was literally an angel sent to Dave, and speaking with him filled Dave with such positive energy and cleared any doubt he had about himself and his situation. It was truly a magical encounter and we'll never forget it! <3

It's incredible how life send your signs of hope right when you really need them.

Shoutout to the random bum we paid who insisted he take these two photos for us.. its obviously not a legitimate Philly one year anniversary without a cliche photo in front of the love statue... 

I love you so much Dave <3 Heres to many more years of cliche anniversary photoshoots. ;)